Since childhood, Marco Cavallin has grown up with the passion for the gym and makes it the reason for living. The purpose of his work is to convey to others what he learned about his skin in over thirty-five years of hard workouts.

The first and most successful winner of the most important trophies - Athena, Grand Prix Free Way and Mister Italia - is ranked third and fourth in the Trofeo 2 Torri, one of the most prestigious awards at this international level and 4 at Mister World.

With his empathy and professionalism, it will be difficult not to be enchanted by this discipline.
Marco follows his customers step by step, whether they are beginners or experienced athletes.

He does not promise miracles, but does achieve real and concrete goals, observing and studying the person in front of him, giving useful nutrition advice if necessary.

His mantra is "We are what we eat," because without proper nutrition you can not obtain the results you want.

Thanks to his kindness and availability in every detail, he will make you feel at home.

On request he is available for private lessons, exclusive workouts that will turn you into real war machines.

You will transform your body under the expert guidance of one of the most well known and qualified personal trainer in Venice.

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Deadlifts with 200 kg



Bruno Cavallin was one of the bodybuilding in Venice.

With fifty-five years of experience he has won and participated in over one hundred national and international competitions.

First ranked Mister Italia and first ranked Mister Italia over 40 and 50, he is ranked first in Mister World in the over 60s category and third ranked in Mister world over 65.

Man of other times, with an innate elegance, he is much appreciated for his patience.

He explains every single exercise clearly and simply. Through practical demonstrations, he leads the client to master and listen to their own body.

With its professionalism and gentle teaching, you will overcome your limits without realizing it.