Gym and personal trainer in Venice

In one of the most fascinating areas of the city, a few steps from Palazzo Ca'd'Oro, is the BODY & FITNESS gym, a place of worship for lovers of Body Building and physical and mental well-being for over thirty years.

Under seventeenth-century vaults our rooms are always attentive to renewal and set up with the latest generation Technogym and Panatta Sport isotonic and cardiovascular equipment.

Our instructors, Marco and Bruno, who have been completely dedicated to Body Building and Fitness for years, driven by a lot of passion and seriousness for sport and well-being, will support you with determination in achieving your ideal physical and mental shape, monitoring constantly your results and aiming for new goals, whether they are for weight loss, toning or mass gain.

​ Specialists in the Body Building sector will be able to lead you to a complete construction of your physique, with exercises aimed at muscle definition and maintaining proportions, even for competitive purposes.

​ On request, in addition to coaching in the room, our personal trainers are available for private lessons with exclusive and targeted training sessions, and constant attention is also paid to nutrition, the true helm of your efforts.

According to the theory that a workout will be really effective when it also takes into account the daily diet of those who train, here at BODY&FITNESS we have established our mantra with the formula "We are what we eat", therefore through consultancy and the preparation of customized to achieve personal goals.

Are you an athlete and do you need someone to follow you for physical strengthening? Here you will find attentive people, ready to study a training plan aimed at your specific sports needs. We know how many sacrifices are made to reduce the much hated fat, yet we usually have the wrong habit of focusing on reducing calories rather than increasing our lean body mass, as it would be correct to do, since this is closely linked to our metabolism. It is, in fact, through an increased activity of the metabolism that fat mass is reduced, making our weight more stable and making us assume a more toned and healthy shape. In our gym you will find those who will be able to push you firmly to achieve your slimming and toning goals, giving you all the precautions necessary for a targeted path, full of satisfactions.

​ BODY&FITNESS is "YOUR" gym in Venice, where you will be followed and supported by real professionals towards complete psycho-physical well-being.

We are waiting for you for the first free trial in Calle de le Vele, 3974, Venice.
For more information, visit our website, call us on 041 522 9434 or write us an email at

Gym and personal trainer in Venice