Body & diet

The discipline of culturism was born in Europe at the end of 1800. Literally, Body Building means body building and in fact, through weight training and overloads and a specific diet, it has the goal of producing a change in body composition, increasing muscle mass and reducing adipose tissue.

​ The bodybuilder's typical training is in yielding. You have to make your body know its limits and then overcome them. This discipline also helps you face various problems in life, overcoming and going beyond your fears.

​ Over the years there have been various types of training but the common ground has always been a strong motivation, discipline and perseverance.

​ But in no workout programme can you achieve meaningful results without proper eating habits. Reducing sugars, refined carbohydrates and saturated fats and increasing protein intake by choosing low-fat foods is an integral part of the gym training.

​ Weight training is also very useful in Athletic Preparations for other sports where muscle enhancement is required such as football, skiing, tennis, basketball, dance and many more. So the training will not only be performed according to age, sex, weight, but also based on the sport activity practiced.

​ Body Building will bring your body toits full potential and you will notice amazing changes both physically and aesthetically as well as on the mental and emotional level.

Body & diet